A downloadable asset pack

Hey! Recently I took part on the one month metroid jam and  I have no more use for some assets. Here are two smashers set to be on roof.  Here you have a unique enemy to add to  your charming game!

This Pack comes with:

1 enemy green slime, smasher

1 enemy red slime, tornado

71 frames of animation including movement, idle, attack and transformation. 

Reminder I worked hard on this enemy so I would love to be credited in the game or project you use them for. Also if you wish to support me I opened a Patreon recently, I work on it everyday as I'm new to the site >.>

Game can be found here: https://merly23.itch.io/asphodel-meadows
My twitter: https://twitter.com/Merly233
My Patreon, I accept some tips and donations: https://www.patreon.com/Merly23

Published 28 days ago
Tags2D, enemies, free, minigames, Pixel Art, Slime, tornado

Install instructions

The process of downloading and using is 
1.Download the file
2.Open the rar
3.Extract files on a different folder
4.Enjoy and put the asset on your game!


Slime.rar 396 kB


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very cool