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Hey! Not long ago I created assets for a game jam and as I have no more use for them. I wouldn't like to just throw them away. Therefore here you have these basic assets to create an awesome game!

This first bundle is composed by:

3 pickable objects, including soul, book and coin.
2 main characters, a fox and a girl
2 environments, cave and forest.
2 enemy characters, Ghosty and his evil brother Ghoster.
Deadly objects such as spikes and stalagmites.
Modular Bamboo tiles.
Props such as torii, lanterns, statue and well.

Each component of this asset comes with .Aseprite, .PNG and .GIF files. As you may spotted the assets are inspired by Momodora games and Maruki, I love them too much and I used them as reference. If you like this assets and wish to support the Momodora games  and Mariyuki here are the link: 

Keep in mind I worked hard on these assets so I would love to be credited in the game or project you use them for. Also if I take part in any other jam I will post another one of this bundles! :D

Game can be found here: https://aemetta.itch.io/piecewise
My twitter: https://twitter.com/Merly233


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Include advertising in a game counts as "commercial use"?

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If you are making money out of the sprites then yes it does count as commercial use. This also includes using the sprites and adding ads. Be sure to read this to propely understand between commercial use and non commercial use:

Hi, what is the licence on this, I would love to expand upon and modify these assets but if you would rather I didn't I completely understand. That being said this is still really good stuff

Hi, the licence allows any use of these assets except for commercial. If you wish to use them for such purpose we will have to reach an agreement of earnings. 

if you wish to use this bundle as a base to create your own totally different assets the previous term goes void.

To sum up, you can use this bundle as you wish and how you please without a commercial purpose.

I suggest you stick to a commonly used license: doing so will protect better both you and who uses it.

Try here: https://creativecommons.org/choose/


Didn't remember how it was called, thanks! Also will check the site soon😊


Glad you like it!

hey im making  game, want to be part of the team as a pixel artist?

Hi, sadly it will mainly depend on the length of the project. Currently I'm working on a metroidvenian game and it takes most of the time.

give me discord and we talk about it

Merly23#2400 there you have! 

Deleted 290 days ago

Great! Can't wait to see your project! ❤

nice sprites, will u expand this into a bigger more detailed pack?

Yes, most likely I will do so. Next time I work on a game jam, such as Godot or any other I will make a second pack or I will expand this one with more content.